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Designed for children, the Hit-A-Way Junior trainer is a fun and safe way for young players of all levels to develop and improve their batting skills. Featuring a tethered ball to simulate real pitches, and ideal for left and right handed batters, the trainer allows for constant batting without ever having to run after a ball. The Hit-A-Way Junior sets up in seconds for hours of play or practice. Built to be lightweight yet sturdy, the portable trainer can be used in the backyard, in the garage, on the field, or even inside the home. The Hit-A-Way Junior easily converts to a tee with two different height options, giving your future all-star two ways to have fun.
  • Sets up in seconds for hours of play or practice
  • Use as a batting trainer or as a t-ball trainer
  • Tethered ball simulates real pitches
  • Great for right & left handed batters
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • To avoid entanglement, ensure kids under eight years of age are supervised by an adult


Instructions: Easy Set-Up: Parts (no tools needed): top pole; bottom pole; center pole; Hit-A-Way Jr. ball; cord; couplings; plug; base. 1. Fill the base with water or sand. Carry the base using the hand indentations on the sides of the base to a flat, level surface. 2. Using the two pole sections with the attached Hit-A-Way device and the center pole, insert into each other with the two couplings, for a snug fit. Attach the entire pole into the base. 3. Your Hit-A-Way Jr. is now ready for use. Swing the ball away from you to wrap it around the pole, hitting the ball each time it unwinds. Make sure base is on a level surface for optimum results. Adult supervision recommended. T-ball Set Up Options: Remove top pole along with ball. (Keep bottom pole and ball connected, set aside.) The Hit-A-Way Jr. can be converted into a tee with two different height options. 1. For a taller tee, remove the top pole and coupling from the rest of the system. The top pole needs to be placed on the ground, as the Hit-A-Way Ball and cord will still be attached to the bottom pole. 2. For a shorter tee, remove all three poles from base. Take the center pole and place it back into the base with a coupling on top.