Rawlings Select Pro Lite Series Baseball Glove Youth 11 1/2" - Bo Bichette Right Hand Throw

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Right Hand Throw 


Rawlings Select Pro Lite series gives youth players the chance to wear patterns inspired by their favorite big leaguers! This Rawlings Select Pro Lite 11.5-inch Baseball Glove is based on the gameday pattern of superstar Bo Bichette. That makes it the perfect companion to any up-and-coming infielder looking to hone their defensive skills. Our glove craftsmen made these with a lightweight, soft leather shell for durability and quick, easy break-in. In addition, the cushioned fingerback lining and palm padding provide a comfortable fit with maximum shock protection. Give your youth ballplayer a solid foundation to build on in the infield. Get your Select Pro Lite 11.5-inch Baseball Glove today!