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When you're playing the field, visibility is vital -- that's why we developed the Rawlings Hi-Viz fielder's mask! The unique design of the Hi-Viz gives fielders 20% more visibility than a traditional setup, especially in the middle of the field of vision. This, in turn, means fielders can track groundballs with no interruption in their vision.

In addition, the bent-wire stainless steel design is durable a rugged, and the matte finish helps reduce glare on sunny days. The Hi-Viz fielders mask is also designed with comfort in mind: the split strap system secures the mask without feeling tight, and it's equally comfortable with or without a ponytail. The adjustable chin and forehead padding is also a breeze to change out or adjust to ensure proper fit.

The Hi-Viz fielder's mask comes in adult and youth sizes, with three color choices for each. Get yours today!