Monopoly Revolution Board Game - Electronic Game Unit 2010 Hasbro 100% Complete

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Why we love Monopoly Revolution 1. Circular board 2. Special 75th anniversary edition 3. All new graphics 4. Built-in songs and sound effects 5. Electronic banking cards instead of cash Everybody's favourite property trading board game has been around for years, but the Monopoly Revolution version is just round! This is Monopoly as you have never seen it before; a circular board with all new graphics are introduced to celebrate Monopoly's 75th Anniversary. Built in songs, sound effects, and electronic banking give a modern edge to the classic game. Fans of the original needn't worry though - the aim is still to race around the board buying property, making money, and avoiding jail. Now, when you get a Chance card, you can either take it yourself, or gamble it by passing it onto another player. Plus this version sees the cash in the game replaced with bank cards.