McDavid Sports Medicine 6440 Hex Knee/Elbow/Shin Pad - Size Small - White - New

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  • Hex Technology is superior, closed cell foam padding that gives every athlete, in any contact or collision sport, the remarkable advantages of protection, durability and confidence.
  • Can be used for the knee, elbow or shin
  • Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
  • Highly versatile pad available in 9mm Hex Technology
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • Includes one pair. We updated our sizing for an even better fit! This product is intended to fit tightly for the best support. Although, if your measurements are at the top of the size range, we recommend selecting the next size up for comfort.

Product Description

The Impact pad with hexpad technology is integrated into a new low profile, form-fitting knee or elbow pad. Perfect for all levels of impact absorption.

The #6440 HexForce Knee or Elbow Pad is one of McDavid's most popular and versatile pads, featuring proprietary HexPad material in a versatile, lightweight, protective pad for the knee or elbow. Individual hex shaped pads conform to and move with your body for solid comfort and continuous protection, while compression fabric holds the pad firmly in place and keeps muscles warm to prevent pulls and fatigue. HydraVent hDc Moisture Management Technology keeps you cool and dry, as well. HydraVent hDc (1) This material results from a patented process that permanently bonds hydrophilic (water-attracting) molecules to mid-weight and heavyweight synthetic fiber surfaces, ensuring HydraVent hDc remains intact even after numerous washings. (2) As you exercise, your body produces perspiration to cool itself and this perspiration condenses on your skin and builds up heat and discomfort. (3) Moisture is pulled away from the skin by the wicking ability of HydraVent hDc, so your skin remains cooler and drier, and your body's temperature management system can do its job more effectively. (4) Once the fabric absorbs the moisture, it is spread rapidly across a broader surface area for faster evaporation, and this evaporation draws heat out of the body. (5) Finally, when moisture is one molecule thick, HydraVent hDc starts its drying process, allowing for a consistent and rapid moisture transport ability over a long use time. Hexpad Hexpad Technology is a patented padding system that permanently bonds dozens of individual athletic pads into fabrics. Because the pads are individually applied, they move with and conform to the body for continuous protection that isn't bulky or restricting. The material is machine washable. Protection Levels McDavid offers a range of sports medicine products based on protection and support levels. Each level provides soft tissue support through compression, and may promote healing through therapeutic heat. Protection Level I, Primary: General purpose protection Minor pain, sprains, and instability Relief from arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis Protection Level II, Advanced: Minor to moderate protection Slight ligament instabilities or pain Offers more protection than simple sleeves Protection Level III, Maximum: Ultimate in protection Moderate to major instabilities and pain Provides the maximum level of support About McDavid In 1969, Dr. Robert F. McDavid, operating out of a basement in Bellwood, Illinois, developed what became the first widely used lateral protective knee brace in football. Today, the company manufactures more than 400 products for athletes and active people of all ages, designed to help prevent injury while enhancing performance. The company is the most recommended brand of braces among sports medical professionals, and an industry leader in sports medical products and technical performance athletic wear.