GV Tour R-300 Golf Clubs Complete Set - Made in Japan - Right-Hand - Used - Very Good

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GV Tour won’t be familiar to you unless you’ve played in the Far East, but clubs from this well-established Korean manufacturer are about to appear in the UK – and, if this set is anything to go by, they’re well worth looking out for.

These were unlike rival irons in a couple of respects. First, they are available in the UK only with a graphite shafts; second this is a combo set, the 3-iron replaced by a utility club and the 4 souped up, like a driving iron.  

The graphite shafts are surprisingly successful. Often graphite in cheaper clubs equates to unpredictable ball flight, but this was true of the R-300s, which generally produced admirably stable, solid shots. The exception was the 3-iron replacing utility club, which sprayed the ball around in a fairly bizarre fashion.

But there’s plenty to like about the rest of the set. We were impressed by the full cord grips, liked the look of the heads and noted approvingly the consistent shot patterns that the ‘normal’ irons produced. Even the funky 4-iron was easy to use, despite a strange ‘ping’ at impact.

Graphite shafts won’t suit everyone; these irons swung a lot lighter than the others. But if you want do want graphite, don’t rule these out.