Graf Ultra G5500 Goalie Skates - Black/Volt - Size 8 Senior - New

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The Graf G5500 goalie skates offer the performance and durability that you have come to expect from Graf with some improvements that make this a vast improvement over the G5 and G50 skate models of the past.

The boot of the G5500 features a tech mesh outer material and a 1.5mm Thermoplastic inner quarterpanel.  The tech mesh provides both light weight and durability, and the Thermoplastic allows for the boot to better conform to the shape of  the goalie's foot during the heat molding process.  This boot provides a medium level of stiffness.

The achilles area of the skate is cut downward to give the goalie incredible ankle flexibility, and this area has been reinforced with 2.2mm microfiber material to provide extra protection against wear. The interior of the boot is made of Graf's polyester cellular lining for comfort, light weight, and breathability with anatomical ankle padding for comfort. The boot features a full outsole to help reduce torque.

The cowling that comes standard with the G5500 skates has gone through an "addition by subtraction" process for 2012. Gone is the traditional "Grilamid" toe cap (an additional "bump out" strip at the end of the toe cap) and the additional material on the forward inside edge of the cowling previously used to support additional "Overdrive" blades. In addition to removing the Overdrive blade mount, the forward inside edge of the cowling has been cut back (narrowed) dramatically. The end result is a cowling that is 30% lighter, and it also allows the cowling to be tipped farther towards the inside edge before making contact with the ice. Goalies who like to keep lower to the ice but still want a cowling that allows for a greater attack angle will really love the G5500.

A replaceable skate blade also comes standard.