FRANKLIN VENOM 1300 TB 26/13 -13

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  • Whether on or off the field, having a sturdy, lightweight, reliable baseball bat can make all the difference. The Franklin Sports Venom Teeball bat is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable swing while allowing greater maneuverability and control. Officially certified by U.S. Baseball as well as Little League baseball for use with softcore tee balls, this baseball bat for kids meets the new regulations and includes the USA Baseball logo a requirement for many tee ball, baseball and softball teams this season. Vivid color schemes are strong and noticeable on the field, while the durable grips help your little slugger learn precise control and fluid swinging. Kids love the awesome colors and it makes it easy to tell their bat apart from their teammates, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle! A popular choice among all tee ball bats for its lightweight build, this sturdy bat is also great for use as a tee ball bat for practice and drills. Experience the thrill of connecting bat to ball with that telltale "POP!" that you only get from the best aluminum baseball bats. It's a sound no one can miss, and a great way to inspire the younger generation to develop a love of tee ball and baseball. See why the Franklin Sports