Collectible: Hot Wheels Hammer Drop Challenge

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Track Builder is all about experimenting and developing skills that drive problem solving and fuels creativity! This complete stunt challenge will test kids' skill to launch their Hot Wheels car and stick the landing to slam the hammer and take the winning flag! The Hammer Drop Challenge is adjustable for trial and error that engages kids to improve and trigger the winning flag. Connects to orange track, bricks, and other sets for building an epic Track Builder world with awesome stunts. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle. Challenge Accepted ! 
• Experiment and crank up the creativity with a complete stunt challenge that's adjustable!
• Kids test and improve their skills when they launch their car, stick the landing, and slam the hammer to trigger the winning flag
• Additional challenges and ways to play with the movable ramp and other reconfigurable pieces keep the action going for hours of fun
• Connects to other sets and pieces for even more epic challenges and builds
• Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle