CCM Youth Tacks 70 Combo Hockey Player Helmet

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Introducing a new recreational level hockey helmet suitable for all ages, with all the features you want and need at a very accessible price point. The Tacks 70 offers a modern redesigned shell that protects while keeping your style in line with today's pro hockey players.

Protection: You will find instant comfort in dual density full coverage liner that you can trust will keep you protected when it counts. This lightweight vented shell will keep you focused on your game, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out.

Adjustment: Its built in cup system allows for an easy tool-free length adjustment on the sides so you can grow with the helmet for a while. After all, a well fitted helmet is the first necessary step toward protection! For the Youth players, the combo offers user-friendly adjustments to the facemask so kids can move their facemask to the optimal height for their perfect fit.

Comfort: This helmet is lined with layered foams that feel great the moment you try the helmet on, and throughout your play. With a full coverage liner, your head feels wrapped in soft yet protective cushioning, game after game. The FM70 facemask also features a newly designed floating chin cup, which moves freely for the best fit and comfort while its foam help pad and protect.