CCM Tacks AS580 Senior Hockey Gloves - Black/White

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New for 2023 from CCM are the Tacks AS 580 gloves. These gloves were designed with the high-level player in mind and include features also found in the higher-end AS-V gloves. In the AS 580’s arsenal, you’ll find D3O foam, a competitive-level Anatomical Shield Design, a Pro FlexThumb, and a FlexMotion open cuff.

External Material
The Anatomical Shield Design is a major asset that the AS 580 gloves bring to the table. The glove overall is modeled to form around your hand with some additional space for greater comfort and mobility. The variety of materials used on the exterior helps maximize coverage, flexibility, durability, and comfort. To construct the outer surface of the gloves, CCM chose polyester and Nash material.

Finger Design & Protection
The Tacks AS 580 gloves are equipped with premium dual-density foam and PE inserts in the fingers. The fingertips are reinforced with smooth, durable Nash material for extra protection. With this finger construction, you can perform at your full potential from the moment you step onto the ice, as they are made to be comfortable and flexible right out of the box. To further enhance the glove’s movement capabilities, the index finger has been built with a three-piece design.