CCM Jetspeed Youth Hockey Stick - 30 Flex

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CCM is committed to getting everyone out playing and enjoying the game of hockey. For 2022, they are rolling out the Jetspeed Youth collection of hockey sticks, so young players can get a handle on the game at their own pace. With a similar construction to the adult side, along with an enhanced blade and kick point tailored specifically for young players, the Jetspeed Youth stick ensures your child’s first few years in hockey are as fun and seamless as can be.

Stick Flex Profile
Like the standard Jetspeed line, the Jetspeed Youth is designed to cater to a whole range of players and playstyles. This can be a very important characteristic for younger, learning players, as it allows them to work on a playstyle that they would prefer and enjoy. The Jetspeed Youth has a modified hybrid kick point that offers the desired support your child needs to develop their shooting, stickhandling, and passing.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
The Jetspeed Youth stick variations are built with a narrower shaft and more flexibility than adult-sized sticks to make it easier for the developing player to grip and use them. They are also made lighter with the use of a Sigmatex spread tow weave, same as the adult side.