Bauer Supreme One.7 Goalie Skates - Black/Gold - Junior - New

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The Bauer Supreme ONE.7 is now featured at SportsX. The shorter cut on the lateral side of the boot helps relieve pressure and a deeper stance is able to be maintained. To retain support and protection, the inside edge is 1/2" taller.  This design improves goaltenders ability to move from side to side in the net. The tongue also is taller on the inside edge to avoid twisting which can cause lace bite to occur during the game. To increase comfort, the ankle area is made with softer foams and the sole of the boot is lined with comfort foam. The new cowling uses a 4mm stainless steel runner. This runner is removable and replaceable allowing you to replace only the steel and not the entire cowling incase there are any issues. 


BAUER Supreme ONE.7 Goal Skate
• 3D anaformable ultra lightweight nylon boot
• Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
• Pro felt tongue
• Comfort foam under footbed
• 4mm super stainless steel removable runner