2023-24 Connor Bedard Collection UD

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Box Configuration

  • 26 cards per box


  • Collect 25 highlights all in one box!
  • 1 Awards & Honors card in every box!
  • Lucky collectors will score a RARE autographed and hand-numbered Awards & Honors card!



Each box contains the complete 25-card base set featuring new and exciting cards commemorating Connor Bedard’s top moments throughout his rookie season in the NHL.

Each box also contains a bonus 26th card - an Awards and Honors card or a rare autographed Awards and Honors card! 


2023-24 Connor Bedard Collection Box Set Breakdown

  • Connor Bedard Highlights - 25:1
  • Connor Bedard Awards and Honors - 1:1
  • Connor Bedard Awards and Honors - Autograph Parallel - #’d to 5

*Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case.