SportsX's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 NOTICE (as of November 14, 2020)

SportsX / Corner Sports is currently OPEN for conventional retail sales.  

Our Online Store,, is also open for business - we are happy to ship ANY of our products to any address within North America. Please be patient with your order shipments - delivery companies are currently over-burdened all over North America, so please expect some delays with the delivery of your orders.

SportsX has compiled a selection of recreational gear for those of you who are self-isolating at home. We fully support the government's directive to stay home, and we realize that people need to keep active outside in their yards, and in local parks.

All of this equipment is designed to keep you moving, which may help to boost your immune system, and will certainly help to keep you fit and active in this time of crisis.

We have priced gear BELOW our COST to ensure that it is affordable to most. If you have been laid off from your job, or are in mandatory coronavirus isolation, PLEASE let us know – we will work with you to cover your costs for gear that you might need at home, and we can arrange for sidewalk pickup outside of the store, or even home delivery if required.

The staff of SportsX wishes to recognize the struggles of our local Small Business owners and Self-Employed individuals. Many of our local small businesses and restaurants have been forced to close, eliminating the incomes for both business owners and their staff. Moreover, all businesses still have to pay their rent and property taxes and all utilities – this will be a devastating blow to many small businesses who are already struggling to survive.

PLEASE, if you are able, purchase a Gift Card from your favourite local business, order takeout from your favourite independent restaurant, and purchase your groceries from your neighbourhood small supermarket – your support in this time of crisis could be the difference between survival and closure in the coming weeks. Small businesses are VITAL to local communities and they need our support over the coming weeks as the COVID-19 crisis continues to devastate our economy and our society at large.