Giant OCR AO Sport Road Bike - Complete Bicycle - Size 50 cm. Frame - Used - Very Good

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Comes with Shimano Ultegra components.

Giant OCR AO review

A carbon and aluminum sportif

The Giant OCR AO is a spot-on sportif bike, including a taller head tube, relaxed geometry and smart low gearing with compact crankset for all-day cadence comfort. The alliance of carbon and aluminum results in a sculpted, almost Apple MacBook appearance. All appearances aside, though, because there’s not as much weight savings as you might think, but the proof was in its performance.


Giant realizes that new customers are coming from other sports, including running, and pop culture plays a large role in shaping the decision making among these customers. It’s easy to see that Giant’s Alliance Concept (marrying a carbon spine with an aluminium underbelly) is directed at this group, because for all its multi-shaping and attention to engineered aesthetics, the effort doesn’t necessarily translate on the road.