Try Our New Water Treader Stand Up Paddle Boards!

Try Our New Water Treader Stand Up Paddle Boards!

One of our best sellers here at SportsX are our Water Treader Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards! We offer two different color ways: Blue and Bamboo! With one model already officially sold out, you don't want to miss out on this sale! Shop with us now!

Size Options:


10'6 - $499.99

11'   - $549.99 OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT


10'6 - $549.99

11'   - $599.99

6 Reasons you Should Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board

#1: Paddle Boarding is the ultimate workout! You can burn 400-500 calories per hour. In fact, most sailors, kite surfers and surfers incorporate paddle boarding into their training routine. From head to toe, almost all of your muscles are involved in balancing on the board or when you're paddling. 

#2: Paddle Boarding is an accessible sport! If you don't consider yourself a "sporty" person, fear not! You'll come to find that it's quite simple.

#3: Paddle Boarding is possible (almost) anywhere! Just add water! See for yourself the peace and serenity nature has to offer on your paddle board on the nearest body of water in your neighborhood. You won't regret it!

#4: Paddle Boarding is possible all year round! Feeling like Wim Hof? Or have you simply fallen in love with the sport? Though extra supplies are needed to safely paddle board in freezing temperatures, it can be done. In fact, some people prefer paddle boarding in freezing temperatures! 

#5: Paddle Boarding is suitable for every type of user. Are you for example a fan of Yoga and do you sometimes want something else than to lie on a mat in the gym? Then try paddle board yoga. Do you like fishing on the water or windsurfing more? Well, there's a paddle board for that, too! 

#6: A Paddle Board is a practical piece of water sport equipment. SUPs are easy to store, a lot cheaper than other water sports, lightweight, and easy to transport!

....have we convinced you yet? ;)