Our PGM Golf Gear is HERE!

Our PGM Golf Gear is HERE!

Our PGM Golf Clubs have arrived and we're so excited to get you a full set up for an unbeatable price!

In this blog, I'm going to give you my 3 favorite golf clubs from our PGM selection.

1. PGM Golf 72 Degree Wedge


To hit a deep bunker, the club face needs to be opened. 

The 72 degree wedge can completely solve this problem. The golfer can easily control speed and distance of the ball by simply swinging the ball in a high throw

- Stainless steel head, the head is made of stainless steel, with a low center of gravity design and high fault tolerance

- CNC face texture, using CNC technology, the texture is deepened, and the ball distance is easy to control

- There section steel shaft, improve the stability and accuracy of playing high controllability



#2. PGM G300 Titanium Compression Driver

This driver has a 

- High hit, low spin, long range

-  Select rare titanium alloy aviation materials, and repeatedly process and thin the edge green of the striking surface to achieve ultra-thin and ultra-elasticity, and then retain the thickness of the center to make the striking surface more resistant to beating!

- 3.65g ultra-light high elastic carbon

- R class: 3.5 torsion angle


#3. PGM Rio Full Women's Club Set

- Rio 2016 was the first year golf took place in the Olympics sense 1904
- 460CC club head ultra-long hitting distance high fault tolerance makes golfers more easy to use even beginners can achieve good results
-  Graphite shaft/ steel shaft two options
-  High headness stainless steel iron head, the iron group uses a stainless steel head high hardness and high rebound more accurate play( The difference with the zinc alloy club heads on the market the disadvantage is that the hardness is too low the hitting effect is poor, and the service life is short)
-  Ultra-low center of gravity design, the putter adopts a low center of gravity design the hitting surface can bring a soft and solid hitting feel and push is more stable.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Browse our collection by clicking the link below to view what more we have to offer!