Golf Psychology - How to Improve Your Mental Game

Golf Psychology - How to Improve Your Mental Game

If you've ever been fortunate enough to enjoy a round on the links, you'll know that most golfers share one common trait across the board. They can't stay out of their own heads. Golf is undoubtedly one of the most mentally challenging sports out there. If negative thoughts begin to cloud the player's mind, his or her scorecard may start to read something similar to a business sharks' account balance rather than that of an actual golf score.

This is why almost all of the top players now employ a sports psychologist to help them achieve the success they desire by deploying and maintaining the right frame of mind throughout their game. 

Now, most of us don't have that luxury. We do, however, have the internet. This article is going to give you 5 little psychology tips to keep your mind sharp while you're enjoying a round of golf. 

Visualize Your Shots:

Professional athletes in virtually every sport and competition almost always use visualization as a tool for achieving success in sport. When used meditatively, this tool allows athletes to envision the kind of athletic performance they're intending to make. Think of it as almost a mental rehearsal of sorts. 

According to, "Visualization is used primarily as a training tool, one that improves the quality of athletic movement, increases the power of concentration, and serves to reduce the pressures of competition on the athlete while building athletic confidence".

Certainly an incredible tool to deploy if you want to better your game out on the course. 

Never Surrender

One bad round is one bad round. If you get to a point where you realize where you realize you're not going to be able to beat your best score, then change your goals!

I'm sure there's a swing that needs working on or a specific shot that needs some attention. This way, you're still getting that fulfillment of progression without completely writing off a poor game. 

If you give 100% until the very last putt has dropped, you will without a doubt, make progress. A progressive golfer is a successful one. Remember that!

Every Shot is a Challenge

Each time you reach your ball, your objective is to get it into the hole in as few shots as possible. If you play a bad shot that lands in a difficult position - think of it as a new challenge! This forces you to think outside of the box, inevitably improving your came which in turn, creates a more mentally sound golfer.

Stay Positive on the Greens

This should go without explanation but is obviously more easier said than done. If you can keep your mind under a positive light throughout your match, no matter the circumstances, it will reflect in your game. 

Distract Yourself

While you are moving on to your next shot, talking about something other than your round will help you stay relaxed. Don't over think the holes you have already played or shots you have coming up. Just keep the golf out of your head for the moment. Something as little as counting the steps you take will help keep your mind occupied and keep you calm for your next shot.