5 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports

5 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports

5 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports

Today's children grow up in a different time than us. Our generation may have preferred a day outside to play all day long over a day inside glued to a screen. To be fair, all of us are guilty of mindlessly scrolling for hours on end only to look up and realize 20 minutes has turned into 3 hours of time-wasting. Technology, though advantageous in most of it's evolutions; has gotten us dangerously comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle in front of a screen. This is why it's more important now, more than ever, to get our children outside, socialized and away from the screens!

In this article, I'll be giving you 5 Reasons Kids Should Play Sports.

#1. It Develops Their Social Skills

Sports teach children valuable life lessons in skills that they can carry with them through to adulthood. Most of these valuable lessons are taught through socializing. Social skills that are learned through sport include:

- Teamwork

- Fair Play

- Communication

- Respect for Others

- Ability to Follow Rules

- Independance

- Leadership

Sports are a great way to keep children active but they clearly offer a number of benefits that stretch far beyond that. Learning these skills young, help our children become successful later in life.

#2. They Will Develop Lifelong Friendships

It's not unusual for team members to stay in touch with each other long after they're done with sports. As a team member, you practice with others all year long. Together you go through hard times + good times, creating a bond that is hard to break. Your team members become a second family and people who will always have your back no matter what.

#3. It Teaches Discipline

Team sports requires commitment and discipline. Kids will need to go to practice every single week, in some cases multiple times per week. Balancing school work, team sports and a social life teaches our young ones how to effectively manage their time. This is a lot of hard work in and of itself and will fully prepare them to enter the workforce when they grow older. 

#4. It Helps Them With Their Academics 

There are multiple studies that show how sports improve our mental health and increase our cognitive abilities. As a result, our children can get better grade which in turn can open up a world of opportunities for them. After all, it's not uncommon for kids who do well in both sports and academics to receive scholarships to prestigious universities.

#5. Food & Nutrition

Participation in sport may make children more aware and conscious of their food choices. They will learn that certain food groups provide more energy than others, which can help them to excel on the field or on the ice. These healthy food choices have a long lasting impact and will be an excellent tool in their tool belt that will last a lifetime.  

A child who plays sports is a happier, healthier one!