3 Reasons to Donate Used Sports Equipment

3 Reasons to Donate Used Sports Equipment

Often times, we pour our money into our passions and hobbies. When we're done, downgrading or upgrading, we tend to either discard all of our associated belongings completely or spend days, weeks and sometimes even months bartering on an online marketplace for 2/3 of what we initially paid for them. It's a hassle, is routinely frustrating and overwhelmingly time consuming. Today, we'll give you 3 reasons why you should donate your old sports equipment.

#1: It's Environmentally Friendly

Hundreds of thousands of Lbs. of sporting goods equipment makes its way to a landfill each year. By donating your used sporting goods, you're mitigating this process and keeping your item's life cycle still... well, cycling. 

#2: You're Helping People in Need

Sports are incredibly expensive. Especially here in North America. Donating your old equipment helps underprivileged athletes acquire gear for their favorite sports at a more effective cost.

#3: It's Quick and Easy

Enough said. Save yourself the headache of negotiations and fallen-through meet ups & donate today!!