3 of The Best Places to Paddle Board in Vancouver

3 of The Best Places to Paddle Board in Vancouver

If you've never tried it, paddle boarding is a world of fun. Once you've learned to balance on your board, the hard part is over. Upon completion, you'll find that you're getting incredible exercise, you'll notice it's meditative properties - as well as sport a wicked tan.

There are tons of paddle board rental options in the city, but we think it's best to just pull trigger and purchase an inflatable one. Most high-quality Inflatable SUPs retail for about $650-800. Spend the money now, and you can reap the benefits of an inflatable SUP for the next 10 years.

Quick math:

Paddleboard Purchase: $800 - 10 Years of Fun

Paddleboard Rentals x 1 day per year for 4 hours for (10) year(s): $35/hr x 4 hours = $140/day

Paddleboard once a year for 10 years on rental costs, thats:

$1400 just to paddleboard one day per year for the next 10 years!

See how much more cost effective it can be to own one!?

Here at SportsX, we offer 3 high quality SUP Models with the most expensive model being only $600. We'll get into this later, for now, let's give you some places to explore!


#1. Kitsilano Beach


Probably Vancouver's favorite beach, Kitsilano offers quick access to the water. There is also lots of parking which is always nice! Touring English Bay will grant you an impressive view in the city, Stanley Park and many of the beautiful boats moored in the harbor.


#2. Deep Cove



This place is the prettiest on our list. Deep Cove gives some of the best access to Indian Arm, which is the best for paddling. The scenery is pristine and the waters calm. 


#3. Sandy Cove Beach


A popular beach in West Van because the water is warm and the marine life is vibrantly abundant. This is a safe and fun place if you're just starting out!


Now that you have three spots to paddle, you need a board. 


Check out the 3 models we have to offer! in terms of product quality and perfomance, our pricing cannot be beaten! An inflatable stand up paddle board is the BEST summer time investment you can make RIGHT NOW!

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